How To Get FREE Access To The Most Complete Tennis Improvement System On The Planet...
More Practice Is NOT The Answer
 Are you interested in maximizing your tennis potential so you can be the best player possible?

Have you hit a plateau in your game that you can’t break through? 

Are you frustrated with a lack of results even though you play, practice, and take lessons on a regular basis? 

If so, it’s time that you started working smarter, not harder, on the court. 

You may have been wondering if it’s possible to improve your skills using digital coaching...

Well, not only is it possible but it’s actually the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to do it. 

Read on to learn how passionate, driven tennis players all over the world are transforming their games, and their whole experience around tennis while investing LESS of their time and money. 
It’s Time To Evolve Past Tips And Tricks
The reason why you haven’t seen the results you want is because the instructional paradigms of the tennis world are broken. 

The vast majority of pros, teachers and coaches are stuck in a generic, non effective cycle of “tips”, “tricks” and “secrets”. 

Honestly, we can’t really blame them…

Your average tennis player is looking for a shortcut to success. They want a quick fix, a band aid solution, so they can avoid any real focus or hard work. 

The result is a kind of “instructional whack-a-mole”, bouncing from one surface tip to another. A maddening cycle of what you think are improvements during your lessons or practice sessions only to find your game right back at square one during your next match.  

If you’re reading this, however, you aren’t the average tennis player, regardless of your level.  

You’re driven, passionate, and obsessed with a desire to improve otherwise you wouldn’t have broken away from the herd to look online for guidance. 

What you need is a system of improvement that cuts through the catch phrases and cliches to give a precise, step-by-step process to follow that dives deep below the surface and targets the essentials of every part of the time. 

A system that empowers you to take control of your own tennis improvement by giving you the tools and plan to use every time you step onto a court.  

That system is called Essential Tennis Academy. 
The World’s Most Complete Online Game Improvement Solution
The core of the Academy program is a comprehensive resource library of coaching modules. 

These modules cover absolutely every facet of the game that you need to be successful no matter how long you’ve been playing, what your level is, or whether you play more singles or doubles. 

Here's just a taste of what's inside the Academy member's area:

If you hate shots that sit up in the middle of the court that give you ZERO pace to work with then this coaching is going to be a life saver for you. Learn step by step what techniques allow you to swing with full confidence at these pesky balls without sacrificing consistency. 

Few skills are more "essential" to your success in both singles and doubles than being able to reliably place your forehand and backhand groundstroke wherever you want them to go. After completing this coaching you'll be able to drop your groundstrokes on both sides on a dime consistently. 

Anticipation CAN be learned and this coaching will show you how! By implementing what you've learned in these revealing videos you'll be able to effectively tell the future and know exactly where your opponents plan on hitting next so you can be better prepared, in better balance, and hit better shots. 

Returning flat, slice, and kick serves takes totally different recognition, footwork, and technique elements which is the main reason why most players struggle against servers with good variety. Those frustrations will be a thing of the past for you once you complete this step by step coaching. 

If you frequently aim "for the box" when serving then this coaching is going to completely transform your success in both singles and doubles. You'll learn special, step by step drills that will leave you with the ability to hit any spot in either service box no matter where you're standing on the baseline. 

It doesn't matter how long ago you learned how to play tennis, or how flat you're used to hitting, these powerful drill progressions will have you hitting heavy topspin in no time. You'll quickly and easily develop the ability to curve your groundstrokes for safety, even when swinging aggressively. 

If you love coming to the net (or want to) then this coaching is vital to your success because it will train you for pinpoint accuracy with both your forehand and backhand volley. You'll be able to reliably control the depth, width, and touch of all your volleys using these step by step drills. 

If you only have one "flavor" of service delivery then good opponents will quickly adapt and make you pay! This coaching will teach you exactly how to develop a powerful flat serve, high bouncing topspin serve, and "banana" slice so you can mix up your deliveries and confound your opponents. 

If you envy your peers who have the ability to seamlessly float around the court with grace and smoothness then this coaching module is for you. You'll learn what patterns to use for every phase of place: offense, defense, and neutral so you can always respond with calmness and poise. 

Taking the ball "early" is one of the biggest weapons you can possibly have in tennis but most players are completely uncomfortable with it. This coaching will arm you with step by step drills that you can do alone with a basket of balls to quickly learn how to master this tricky skill. 

If your serve lacks the power to knock your opponents back on their heels then this is the coaching you've been looking for. You'll learn how to develop more range of motion, smoothness, and "snap" on your serve so you can blow your deliveries past your opponents with ease. 

The lob is one of the most feared shots in all of tennis but it doesn't have to be that way! Within these videos you'll learn step by step how to develop a fundamentally sound overhead motion so you can hit yours with more power and precision. Plus you'll learn how to move correctly!

Nothing makes crowds "ooo" and "ah" quite like an expertly executed drop volley, drop shot, or delicate angle. There's good reason for that - few players have the ability to calmly hit touch shots, but after completing this coaching you'll have the ability to do so from anywhere on the court. 

This coaching module will train you forehand and backhand slice for consistency, effectiveness, and variety as well. You'll learn how to hit your backspin groundstrokes with depth, bite, and accuracy so you can mix up your ground game with ease and keep your opponents off balance. 

If you typically slow down for safety on your second deliveries then you're leaving points on the table because good opponents will make you pay. This coaching will make that weak second serve a thing of the past as you learn how to confidently and aggressively accelerate at EVERY serve. 

Serve and volley is still alive and well at the amateur level, especially in doubles! Learning how to confidently and correctly close in directly behind your serve will give you a massive advantage over your opponents, especially when you use the right footwork patterns and strategies. 

This special coaching will give you a step by step blueprint to build a fundamentally solid one handed backhand from the ground up. From take back, to contact point, to follow through, everything is covered step by step with drills to follow to develop new, effective habits. 

If you struggle with half volleys or deep, closing volleys then this coaching will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you to come up to the net. Developing the correct footwork and technique habits will give you the ability to calmly and smoothly close from the baseline to the net. 

You can only be so successful on the doubles court with only ONE "flavor" of play: stale, boring, one up-one back. This coaching will show you (and your partner) how to use the Aussie formation, I formation, and double back formation so you can mix things up and confuse your opponents. 

No matter what your preferred style of play is it's vital to develop defensive tools in your back pocket to bail you out of tricky situations. That's where the lob comes into play! This coaching will show you how to execute precise lobs so you can buy yourself time and defeat even the best net players. 

Do you hit like a pro during practice only to crumble during matches, beating yourself? If so this coaching session with renowned sports psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn is going to be critical to your success in both singles and doubles. He'll explain the keys to calmness, confidence, and a winning mental game.

This special coaching will give you a step by step blueprint to build a fundamentally solid two handed backhand from the ground up. From take back, to contact point, to follow through, everything is covered step by step with drills to follow to develop new, effective habits.

No skill is more fundamental to your success on a tennis court than the ability to effectively track the ball into your strings! It seems like an obvious thing, but the truth is very few players know how to watch the ball correctly which is why we developed these step by step drills. 

Hitting short, sharp angles from the baseline is a skill that can give you the winning edge in both singles and doubles. This step by step coaching will show you exactly how to hit forehands and backhands that pull your opponents off the court and sneak past net players effectively. 

Big power players give most tennis players fits but it doesn't have to be that way! This coaching will show you how to cooly and calmly absorb pace from your opponents while effectively placing your shots exactly where you want them to go. Stop getting pushed around out there!

Few plays are more satisfying or fun than the chip and charge which is why we created a module dedicated to getting you up to the net with backspin and smoothly and effectively as possible. This is a deadly strategy in both singles and doubles so you'll want to develop it ASAP. 

This coaching module will show you how to develop smooth, easy, but deadly power on your forehand groundstroke. You'll learn how to lengthen your swing, relax your body, and use the kinetic chain correctly so you can hit your forehands much harder without losing control. 

If you lack an effective, confident "Plan A" in singles when you face different opponents like pushers, net rushers, or power baseliners then this coaching is a must. You'll learn both the technical and strategic skills needed to quickly dispatch of any of the most common styles of singles foe.

And much, MUCH MORE!
We don't want to make you scroll forever so for brevity sake we'll stop there, but this is just the beginning of all the powerful topics covered within the Academy member's area. 

Long story short - if you need to improve it then Academy covers it. Students have unlimited access to a holistic, comprehensive game improvement solution, all in one place, and all utilizing the same powerful coaching methods. 

Each coaching module contains 12 to 17 step by step videos that will show you exactly how to develop the skill being focused on, even if you don’t have access to a coach in person. 

While that adds up to a huge number of videos (over 400) what’s much more important is the process that they all follow: systematic progressions that any player can execute with a basket of balls, partner, or ball machine to train new habits and make real, lasting improvements. 

We don’t believe in surface solutions or short cuts. 

Instead, we dig deep, to the foundation of every skill, and systematically show our digital students how to develop strong, winning techniques in every part of their game. Just like we do with our private coaching clients…
A Transformative Process
Our instructional approach has been developed and honed during tens of thousands of hours of time on court with motivated amateur athletes just like you. Our passion is partnering with driven, devoted tennis players looking to improve their games faster, just like Corey in Los Angeles. 

Recently Corey flew out to our headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to spend two days with us on the court. Even though he was already much stronger than the average player (4.5 NTRP) he knew more was possible, and we quickly showed him how to achieve it using our step by step process of layered drill progressions. 

His forehand, for example, was a really well hit shot and his biggest weapon, but it just wasn’t reliable enough to count on through thick and thin. 

We quickly identified the problem: he wasn’t hitting with enough topspin to give him the margin for error required to hit with both power AND consistency. 

Step by step we methodically guided him to a fundamentally sound swing using these progressions:

Layer 1: Shadow Swings

First, slow shadow swings to make sure he FELT the difference between his old technique and the new, improved technique. This is critical to build awareness of how the body and racquet are actually moving together. 

Layer 2: Drop And Hit

Next, I dropped him some easy forehands to hit from the service line and kept everything slow and controlled. Each time his swings started to revert back to his old habits I had him do a few more shadow swings to remind him of the new swing we were trying to build. 

Layer 3: Feed And Hit

Third, we moved him back to the baseline and hit him some easy feeds so he could practice his new swing at a slightly more realistic swing speed. Again, each time he lost his way he executed a few more shadow swings and drop-hit shots. 

Layer 4: Controlled Rally

Finally, we progressed him to a live ball, baseline to baseline rally. Each of these progressions slowly ratcheted up the difficulty level so he could quickly and easily master a brand new swing technique without constantly reverting back to his old, ineffective habits. 
We went through a similar process for every shot in his game and this is what he had to say during lunch on our second day together:
"All in all, it's been pretty amazing..."
"I felt like I was getting better but (at home) not at the pace I really wanted to...In the last 7.5 hours I feel like I’ve improved my game pretty dramatically. Better form, more consistency, more confidence, more control of the ball. All in all, it’s been pretty amazing. I can’t wait to get home and practice more and put it into use.

I see a marked improvement on both wings on my forehand and my backhand, looking more like a professional shot that I wanted to emulate but didn’t have the wherewithal to know exactly how to do it, despite trying very hard and taking lots of lessons.

I feel like I’ve accelerated my improvement. This might sound crazy but I’ve accomplished more in the last 7.5 hours (and there’s still another 2.5 hours) than an entire year of taking conventional lessons.

If you’re serious about evolving your game, I don’t think you should even think about it twice - just do it. I mean, you’re already spending the money on lessons every week...twice a week...three times a week, sometimes. Do you want your game to get better now or later? So if you want to improve it right away and be able to accomplish in a couple days what it might take you in a year - sometimes people never, quite frankly, accomplish in all of the lessons they could take for 5 or 10 years then, absolutely do this. 

Ian and his whole team are very fun and positive and passionate about what they do, so by osmosis you get the same feeling. It’s good to know that there are people out there who share my enthusiasm and passion for teaching on the same level I have for learning, because you almost have to have the both to put seems like it’s not just about the money, it’s the passion. It was great to spend quality time outside the court so you can ask some of the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about whatever it is.”


Los Angeles, CA
4.5 NTRP
Milwaukee VIP Student
Great...but does our coaching methodology translate into success for our digital students as well?

The answer is an emphatic YES!
Real Players. Real Academy Success Stories.
Here’s what our Academy coaching students have to say about their experience using the instruction we’ve provided them with:
"...I recommend Essential Tennis Academy 200%"
"Academy looks at everything, the whole picture, it really covers everything step by step so I relate to it very well, I really learn from it.  

If you’re looking for online instruction I recommend Essential Tennis Academy 200%. It’s really what we need as tennis players. If you want to learn tennis, this is the type of program you need. 

Academy is very well organized. You can go into the member’s area to find the answer to anything you want to improve on. There’s so much in it. If you want to improve your return of serve, or you want more spin, or you want to anticipate better. Whatever area of tennis you want to improve you can find it in Academy. 

I definitely have become a better and much happier tennis player because of the instruction in Academy. I hope that one day more pros will see what you deliver and use your programs in their teaching instead of just feeding balls."


Ontario, Canada
3.5 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
"...the single greatest teaching opportunity in 1,000 years"
"The whole concept of progressions really makes a big difference in learning and improving your technique. You can just watch one or two videos and do the first few progressions and then come back a couple days later and go to the third or fourth progression. Being able to always go back to where you stopped and pick up again is so helpful. 

I don’t have any suggestions or recommendations on how to improve the Academy site because I think it’s pretty close to perfect right now. It’s got everything I could possibly think of and I can go to it any time I want and find almost any part of my game that I’m having a problem with. There’s so much there that I can go and address any problems as they occur.  

If you’re not an Academy student you’re missing the single greatest teaching opportunity in, like, 1,000 years even though tennis may not have been around that long. 

I would say give Academy a try. The cost is next to nothing compared to a lesson or two and you’ll have such a variety of things to choose from and to look at that I’m sure it will be worth your while. I just don’t see how you can go wrong with it. 


British Columbia, Canada
4.0 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
" improvements have been unbelievable."
"The instructional approach in Academy is really essential, it’s what I look for. I don’t need a quick fix, I need a program to follow and then every time I go out I train a different aspect. So I just go to the Academy site and I follow it and I see that in the year I’ve been doing it my improvements have been unbelievable. 

Academy gives you a way to practice and a plan on how to do things. It’s the same way I handle a problem in my job (as an engineer). I just split it out into components, and say 'OK, you have this situation you follow this'. It’s really kind of simple but focused. 

I really don’t think I can ask for more, honestly. There’s everything I need. Definitely try it. Why not? Looking at the money, what I have paid, looking back at how much I paid my personal coach, it was extremely expensive. Now with a very reasonable amount of money I can get stuff that is, I must say, almost priceless. Every day I go out to play with my friends here and I see that what I’ve gained this year they haven’t gained with their lessons and their playing, and I must say 'thank you'. 


4.0 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
"...I didn't expect these results right away."
“I like the step by step and then the immediate practice right there, it shows you what to do. I’ve taken lessons with tennis coaches where they just tell you to hit the ball here or hit the ball there but nobody ever actually showed me to hold the racquet this way to get this result, you want to swing this way to get this result. The dropping and hitting, the simple stuff, actually makes a whole lot of difference. You’re basically learning it from the start the correct way and then building on top of what you’ve learned.

I’m just going to stick with Essential Tennis Academy because so far just the few things I’ve done I’ve seen results that are how I want to play tennis. Now I’m getting some solid instruction, easy stuff that I can follow. I just take my tablet down to the court and bring up the video and just do it right there and I can see the results right away. Now I actually go down to the court with a plan.

I definitely recommend it. For me so far I didn’t expect these results right away, quite frankly. I figured I’d be saying ‘OK it’s just another YouTube video where they swing, swing swing’ and I’d probably see a little result and that would be it but the detailed instructions make a whole lot of difference. So I definitely recommend anyone to try out Academy.”


3.5 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
"I would recommend it to anyone, I really would."
"There’s just so much to Academy. I can’t think of anything that isn’t covered on the member’s website. It was a no-brainer to join up, really. 

I just like how Academy is all broken down and then you can slowly see how you can put it all together by just focusing on one thing at a time. Whether it’s a follow through or a specific footwork pattern. It’s a great resource and I do find myself on the website three, four, five times per week. 

I would recommend Academy all day long, I really would. When people ask me, when they see me improve my shots I just tell them about Academy. When anybody asks I tell them its a great resource. Instead of going to a coach and asking I knew straight away where to go. All of the information is there, and for what you pay per month compared to what you would be paying a pro for an hour, it’s an absolute no brainer. I would recommend it to anyone, I really would."


United Kingdom
4.0 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
Coaching Modules Are Just The Beginning
While the coaching modules alone are more than worth the price of an Academy membership, we wanted to create something much more special than your typical online coaching experience. 

That’s why you’ll receive all of these powerful member’s only features as well:
Action Plans

Tennis instruction videos are a dime a dozen on YouTube - a search for “tennis lesson” currently brings back 486,000 options. If number of videos watched equalled skill then everybody would be playing on the tour but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. 

To improve it takes not only knowledge but execution, and that’s where our step by step Action Plans come into play.

Every single coaching module topic comes with a step by step .PDF download that leaves out all the guesswork and gives you a precise process to follow the very next time you step out onto the court.

Community Forum

This is the heart and soul of Essential Tennis Academy. A place for members to come together and give each other support, input, and inspiration. 

It’s also a place where all of the ET pros hang out and answer questions, give advice, and guide students down the path towards better tennis.

Joining Academy is like becoming an intimate part of the best tennis family on the planet, and the Forums are the virtual dinner table. 

Drills Library

Want to make your personal or team practice sessions more fun, productive and effective? Look no further than the Academy Drills Library! 

You’ll find cooperative, competitive and feeding drills specifically for singles and doubles players, plus off court drills to train your fitness, balance and coordination even if you don’t have access to a tennis court or it’s raining outside.

Best of all this resource is always growing and evolving as we add new drills to each category on a regular basis. You'll never be at a loss for productive drill ideas ever again!

Live Coaching Sessions

These bi-weekly live video broadcasts feature all of the ET pros and a specific focus topic each session. We answer questions from Academy students and interact with them live in a chat room as well, all while demonstrating, diagramming, and explaining exactly how to achieve success in every part of the game. 

Can’t make a live session? No worries - all of them are recorded and then posted inside the member’s area so you can watch previous sessions to your heart’s content, focusing on every topic imaginable. 

Tip Of The Day

Each day the ET pros post a quick, personal video full of knowledge, inspiration and insight so that each and every time you login to the member's area there's a new piece of guidance to help you along your journey. 

Plus, all of these quick tidbits are saved away in a Tip Of The Day archive so you can go back in time and see what we've had to say about different topics in the past, or catch up if you've been to busy to access the member's area for a while. 

Focus Topic Voting

We listen to the needs of the Academy family and evolve the members area accordingly.  Unlike any other online tennis coaching resource in the world we create each new coaching module based on a poll that all Academy students can vote on. 

This ensures that we're constantly covering topics that will make the biggest possible impact to the games of Academy students. Below the member vote is a place to suggest topics for future polls as well. Everybody learns and grows together!

Experience Academy For Yourself - For FREE
Let’s cut to the chase. 

I know that once you experience the difference our coaching philosophy makes, and the incredible community of passionate players inside of Academy, along with all of the other tools and resources designed to accelerate your improvement that you’ll be hooked and quickly become a part of the family. 

That’s why for a very limited time we’re giving focused, driven players like you a free look into the Academy member’s area - so you can see with your own eyes and experience in your own game the improvements that are possible when you harness the power of systematic, progressive, digital coaching. 

When you click the button down below and register you’ll receive 7 full days of free access to every module, drill, Action Plan, Tip Of The Day, Live Session, and community discussion: totaling over 500 videos. 

Login as much as you want and take advantage of everything for those 7 days so you can get a full picture of what Academy has to offer. 

If it turns out you aren’t ready to commit to huge, ongoing game improvements as an Academy student then no worries. You can end your trial at any time with a click of a button, call to our office, or email to our support team. Go ahead and keep all the videos and Action Plans you downloaded as our way of saying “thanks” for giving us a chance. 

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to dig in and accomplish everything on the court you ever dreamed of by following our step by step process then you can stay on as a family member and lock in the low monthly price of just $47. 

For less than the price of a single lesson per month you’ll have unlimited access to the entire resource library full of coaching, and your membership price will never change as we continue to add more resources each and every week. 
Plus, A Special Bonus
If you jump inside today then you’ll also receive exclusive access to the ENTIRE filmed coaching experience of our private student, Corey from Los Angeles. 

In a few short weeks the YouTube tutorials we’ve published featuring clips of his film have been viewed over 100,000 times and liked more than 1,000 times.  

As helpful as they’ve been they only scratch the surface: around an hour of his total coaching film out of over five. 

This isn’t available anywhere else on the internet. It’s the chance to peek inside out coaching process and see how we transformed every part of a student’s game, step by step. 

Best of all, Corey is just the beginning. We’re going to begin adding coaching films from our private students to the Academy member’s area on a regular basis so our most dedicated, passionate digital students can fully benefit from them and improve their own games even faster. 
Don't Hesitate - This Is Your Chance
Anyone can transform their entire tennis game using the Essential Tennis Academy system. I've shown you proof that our coaching methods work for others, and they will work for you too. You also know that with our no-strings attached guarantee you are 100% protected and safe. So what are you waiting for?

It's been said that in your moments of decision, tennis and otherwise, your destiny is shaped. What will you decide to do right now? To do the same thing you've been doing and get the same old results or will you decide to change your results for the better by joining Essential Tennis Academy... 
Instant Access To The FULL Academy Website

100% SECURE.

P.S.  The time is now. Your tennis game is going to continue lacking the accuracy, power, and confidence you need until you take advantage of a comprehensive system of improvement like Academy. Will you take action? CLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW
"...a clear standout from the vast majority of other tennis instructional products..."
"Until recently, most of my practice sessions had been oriented around random drills that did not build on one another towards a specific objective. My goal was to develop efficient, systematic and effective practice sessions designed to explicitly improve performance and that reach for objectives just beyond my level of competence. However, after reading a number of books and watching video instruction (both free and purchased), I had made very little progress towards this goal, until I happened to come across the Essential Tennis Academy program. 

In my experience, the highly structured progressions and drills in this series makes it a very unique tennis instructional product. Since I have begun using it as the basis of practice sessions with my son, I now have the sense that both he (and I) are making progress towards becoming better tennis players.

My sincerest thanks for developing such a high quality instructional product—it’s a clear standout from the vast majority of the other tennis instructional products that I have seen."


Los Angeles, CA
3.5 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
"My wife says that I look completely different as a player.."
"My wife says that I look completely different as a player since last year. I anticipate better, know where to be and have made minor changes in my serve that has increased pace and placement.

I would highly recommend Essential Tennis Academy to anyone who has plateaued, has a hiccup that won't go away or simply wants to move up to the next level. One step at a time."


4.0 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
"I am playing a higher level of tennis thanks to Academy..."
"The dominant improvements are a mix of both technique and strategy. In terms of groundstrokes, I have improved my technical ability to shape the ball to varying degrees to achieve consistency and accuracy and now have better strategical awareness of when to hit what shot. 

In terms of short balls, my recognition of receiving a short ball has improved, together with my technical foot work to better transition through the shot, therefore making it a far safer shot with known targets for different situations. 

My return of serve technique is improving with my execution of footwork patterns, and awareness of defense, neutral, and offense situations (it is frustrating tho when temptation to take a big cut at the ball overrides the percentage return!). My serve execution to specific targets has released a new level of play, knowing I can exploit a specific weakness of my opponent! My volley technique is steadily improving as I try to simplify the shot and hit targets as appropriate, in fact my success has risen dramatically in this area.

The technique lessons and strategy directions embodied in ETA helps me to build a match plan for each opponent. I have seen a vast improvement in situation awareness during points that allow me to capitalize on opportunities using the techniques covered thus far in ETA. I am playing a higher level of tennis thanks to Essential Tennis Academy."


4.5 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
"...the best investment I have ever made for my game."
 "Before Essential Tennis Academy, I was searching all over the Internet for valuable tennis lessons and tips. I live in NYC, and a private lesson can cost up to $80 an hour plus court fees. There are so many different instructions saying so many different things about how to do this or that, and it can be very confusing. At times, these instructions contradict each other. Sometimes, I come away more confused. 

 Academy presents all concepts, fundamentals, in a very concise, easy to understand format. I don't feel insulted as if Ian is talking to me like a 5 year old, but it's comprehensive enough to understand whether you are just a beginner or an advanced player. What's more convincing to me is that, Ian demonstrates the shots himself, as opposed to having his students do them. I like that personal approach. 

 I have improved my game from just being an Academy member. I am able to execute my shots based on the solid fundamentals I have gained through Academy. My level of play has gone up, and I can compete with the higher ranked players. What's more important is that I have become more consistent, I am not spraying my shots all over the court, I have reduced my unforced errors during matches. I am able to apply my knowledge to empower my game by choosing better shot selections, placement, execution to win more points.

I like the fact that Ian presents all his concepts in phases, or stages. He calls them drill progressions. Basically, you learn one drill before you go to the next. He takes you from theory execution. He takes time to explain the reason why it is done a certain way, and leads you through each progression towards the achieved goal. For example, a topspin course isn't just about executing a forehand topspin shot. The course describes how to produce topspin, when to use it, how to use, and the different approaches in using it. Each one of these is covered. To sum it all up, Ian makes the effort to your success by explaining the strategy involved in using what you just learned. This is the best part. After all, what is the use of learning something, but not know how to use it? This is what I love about Academy. The information is priceless.

I am able to execute my shots better, and go into a match with a game plan.
My serve improved so much that I no longer cringe at having to serve a second serve on set point or break point I used to hit my shots just for the sake of hitting it back across the net, if I was even able to get to the ball at all. Now I hit with a purpose and authority, with a target to better win points.  
All these helped me play at a much higher level. I am playing more confidently against better players, knowing that I can beat them. In order to beat them, you need an arsenal of shots, and Academy provided that for me.

I am a 3.5 player, and recently I teamed up with a 4.0 player to beat a 5.5/3.5 player team on the very first match of my indoor league season. Before Academy, I would have given up and not even try. The advanced player made very nice comments about how much I have improved from last season. He asked me how I learned to hit like that. I gave him a nice smile, and told him I have a good teacher.

Academy is the best investment I have ever made for my game."


New York
3.5 NTRP
Essential Tennis Academy Student
"...this is a rare thing."
"Ian is someone who is a student of the game, he understands the principles, he studies film, and he studies players, and he studies technique and he studies how to coach. He brings all of that to the game and I think the people who he’s working with also bring that. So you really get someone who has thought about what they’re doing and how they can apply that to your game. If you like tennis and you want to get better this is a rare thing." 


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